Derick Tanga

Derick TangaI am an outstanding man, born in 1990, a trumpeter, I was orphaned at an early age (12 years).  My mother was trying hard to take care of me, my elder brother, three sisters and our younger brother who is mentally disturbed.
We were living with other relatives in a small room within a small house in Munkaga village, Mbale, Uganda. Hardship and  poverty struck after the loss of our father who was responsible for all our financial needs thus our elder sister left school early to work together with our mother in Mbale town (lady’s saloon) to support our family.  The pain that I and my family have suffered was too overwhelming to be contained. But I was full of dreams about my future.
I was out of school when we had just lost our father but Saved by Music Foundation helped me through paying my fees thus am the live testimony to testify that I was saved by this project. And in return to the support Saved by Music Foundation granted me in my academics financially, am also still working with it to see that the project is a success with the current entire beneficiaries to be like me or better than me. I was an intelligent, shy, quiet boy as I was growing up.  I passed all my exams each year. In December 2013, I graduated in Business Studies where after started searching for a job to sustain my self and this took me a strangle of two years, in 2016, I got my job as a credit officer and its where am working currently but as well with the project too, every evening and weekends as a Finance manager/Coordinator to see that its a going on concern.
In addition to the support from a sponsor via Saved by Music Foundation, finally I was found and am catching up with all my dreams.
On behalf of my entire family, I highly appreciate and thank Saved by Music Foundation and the sponsors who supported me in my studies to reach this stage. Thanks!!!