Bryan’s story

When 12-year-old Bryan’s father died, his step mother did not want to care for him and sent him to look for his mother knowing very well that she had passed on two years back before she came in as the new wife. But he got lost on a trip looking for refuge and decided to approach different people in Mbale for help. They offered no assistance. Without money or contacts, Bryan turned to the streets, and one year after, he remained homeless. Bryan said that he feared his encounters with the older street boys more than anything else during this period. “One day, I was sleeping and three older street boys came and started beating me.

They beat me so badly on the ankles, knees, and elbows that I couldn’t move. They also beat my friends who were sleeping. Then one older boy said ‘Who has money so that we leave you alone?’ [My friend] Peter had 300 shillings (US$0.10). The older boy took it.

This happens always in the night.” The nights are often penetratingly cold and without blankets or any form of shelter,

the cold rain and damp ground can make a night seem excruciatingly long. Five of us huddle up on a piece of cardboard and cover ourselves with a sack and a piece of plastic on top of our frail thin bodies. Any unfamiliar noise awakens us; the constant fear of attack, robbery or what might be worse: a threat of Sodomy alarmingly lurks at every night-fall! says Bryan.

These street children boys live a terrifying life, constantly haunted by thugs, watchmen and even the police; their entire existence consists of surviving through the starkest poverty, relentlessly forced to move from one place to the next, seeking shelter in abandoned buildings or empty half-roof shops in the market place during the cold nights.

The street is all they have to call “home”. Before long, dawn breaks and their day begin. Their clothes are damp and dirty, smothered with mud, ash and feces; the stench from each of them is enough to make your stomach churn!

All this changed for Bryan when he was picked up by Saved by Music Foundation Social workers. With your help we can help more similar children like Bryan.