Child Sponsorship

Child sponsoring at SMF is an effective way to help. Sponsors provide monthly donations of $28 which provide for the basic needs of their sponsored child, as well as other kids at the Centre. Friends are also encouraged to correspond with, and pray for, their sponsored child. Friendships and prayer can bring much needed healing and hope to emotionally bruised children.

Our project often lacks basic commodities such as beds, water, food, and electricity, and may also need basic facilities such as toilets. Education is also a key area for which funds are needed. SMF is committed to helping these Children increase their quality of life through provision of the above-mentioned items, once funds are available.

Because God is central to SMF and to the community we support, we believe in the importance and power of prayer. Informed, targeted prayer will move the hand of God and bring results in the lives of the children and leaders.

In addition to providing long-term support to SMF as well as special project funding, SMF also needs key donors to help keep its work moving. Please Donate now to support

Every person will live, and leave, a legacy. Perhaps yours will be “helping orphans”. Your time, ideas, connections, and resources all can be used to further God’s Kingdom via SMF’s ministry.

For more information please private message us here and we will be glad to share more.